We Didn’t Invent e-Procurement,
We Just Perfected It.

Nothing makes us happier than saving our customers money, and we count ourselves to be lucky to be able to do so on a daily basis. We’d love to introduce you to Purchasing Intelligence® and start helping you identify ways you can save money too.

Who We Are

What exactly is Purchasing Intelligence®? We define it as transparency, control and accountability. When you implement eSupply Systems your onsite staff will have visibility into their budget at the point of purchase. They will no longer have to rely on outdated purchasing order systems, or place multiple orders with multiple suppliers that they may not have a negotiated discount with. Every day that you operate without Purchasing Intelligence® is costing you money and time.


To innovate the procurement experience through forging long-term relationships with exceptional customers, suppliers and team members via technology, transparency and trust.


To be the world’s most customer-centric company - a place where our team members are inspired to be leaders and to be exceptional.


The Art of the Possible

  • We encourage and reward boundary-breaking strategic thinking and leadership
  • We understand that tactics follow strategy, therefore the execution plan is equally or more important than ideas themselves
  • We look for the “how we cans” vs the “why we can’ts”
  • We encourage provocative inquiry to increase our ability to see possibilities - recognizing they are best seen when people are engaged in their work and find it fun

Honoring Relationships

  • Our customers, colleagues and partners are our most important resource
  • We assume the best motivations in people and actively collaborate with them
  • Where trust and mutual respect exist, results naturally follow

Disciplined Flexibility

  • We create and implement execution plans to achieve excellence, while maintaining flexibility
  • We create and utilize sensible processes and encourage challenging the conventional
  • Non-value-added bureaucracy is not acceptable


  • We hold ourselves accountable for our behaviors and results and expect the same of our partners
  • What we do, we do well; we aspire to be excellent
  • We are each responsible to hold one another accountable to protect our vision, mission and values

Transparent Communication  

  • We say what’s necessary – we deal with the truth, whether favorable or unpleasant
  • We share details, good and bad news, the why, and alternative points of view, respectfully
  • We trust each other with information and believe that sharing knowledge is true power
  • We regularly provide honest, thoughtful and constructive feedback

Resource Stewardship 

  • We honor and recognize our roles and accountabilities to financial resources, the environment and one another
  • Whatever we do is based on needs, not wants
  • We recognize that time is a precious and valuable commodity – be respectful and responsible with other people’s time